About Tiviot Prints

Tiviot Prints Ltd was started in 1961 by Raymond Taylor and Tibor Szakal. A fire in the mill in the first year meant that the company had to start from scratch again in Wear Mill Stockport. The company then grew and moved in 1976 to its present home of Lymefield Mill in Broadbottom in historical Cheshire. Tiviot Prints has specialised in printing household textiles for independent manufacturers who supply some of the biggest and well known e-commerce and high street retailers in the UK and European Union.

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The Brief

The original Tiviot website was very dated and was nothing more than a landing page. The brief was simple, bring Tiviot Prints into the present day with fresh, clean and modern look. With a focus more on B2B, the website has to cater for the right audience and showcase the digital part of the business.  Largely, this was down to driving more enquiries to the business that were both serious and meaningful.  The main takeaway users were to be left with is an understanding of what Tiviot Prints did and how they could help the user.


The main difficulty with this project was how best to showcase the business. It was such a radical makeover that we had to ensure the brand and reputation wasn’t lost. Luckily, as the business is well known in the industry, a fresh logo and web presence wasn’t going to hurt that.