About Rhythm & Booze

The Rhythm and Booze Project features Felipe and Paul, a duo fusing live music and whisky through gigs, tasting events, and multimedia. As a musical outfit, the band incorporates roots, folk, and blues music in a uniquely gritty mix of its own, blending hypnotic grooves with raucous energy and irresistible showmanship. For their whisky tasting events, Felipe and Paul merge performance, live music, and multi-sensory experiences.

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The Brief

The Rhythm & Booze Project came to me looking for a suitable website for their new venture. The goal was simple, to create a bespoke and sleek website that showcased what they do. I was tasked with the whole project from initial design concepts to the full website build.


As with any new business, the challenges were finding the best way to display and engage future customers. From the early stages there were many back and forths to ensure the design was exactly how the guys at Rhythm & Booze wanted it. This ensured a lot of the direction and look was agreed early on which really helped mitigate in any last minute teething issues.

Approach & Outcome

This was a really fun project to be a part of. Not on did I have the creative control to design something unique, I also had full control over the build and structure of the back end to help the guys have full admin control over their content. The end result was exactly what The Rhythm & Booze Project were after and has helped them showcase their business to both new and potential customers.